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Relaxed Muscles: A Key To A Pain Free Life
Headache Massage Treatment

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. These are normally caused by tense and sore muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders. This type of headache often feels like pressure on both sides of the head which range from mild, moderate to severe. Some people can feel the tension in their neck and shoulders before the headache starts, while others have no idea just how sore and full of tension their muscles are until they get a massage to treat their condition.

Massage Therapy works well as a prevention method for headaches because it can relax the muscles and keep them from getting tense and developing trigger points (knots). People who are constantly under a lot of stress, those who sit for long periods of time at a computer and those who are just genetically prone to having tense upper bodies due to bad posture, can especially benefit from regular massage therapy treatments for their back neck and shoulders. However, Massage Therapy can also help get rid of a headache or at least lessen the pain once it’s already started, which may reduce or eliminate the need for taking pain medication.

When receiving a massage, you should let the therapist know if you have or are developing a headache during the treatment, since she may want to try different techniques to alleviate or the pain. For some people it could be helpful to have their scalp massaged when they have a headache, while others would rather have other areas treated. The Registered Massage Therapist could also try to find specific trigger points that might be causing the headache. If those are found and treated it may be very helpful in treating the headache as well.

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