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Relaxed Muscles: A Key To A Pain Free Life
Infant & Children Massage

Although massaging babies and children is a practice that has been done in many countries for centuries, it seems to have become more popular and common in recent years. Although it may not seem like a baby or child would have a need for the benefits a massage treatment can offer, the opposite is true. A baby goes through many stressful events in their first couple of years, and they learn more than they ever will again is such a short amount of time. Similarly, as a child grows they have more and more stresses to deal with, including school and homework, which are both activities that have a child sitting for many hours at a time, which only adds to muscle and joint stress and tension.

For babies, Massage Therapy can help relieve pain that can be caused by colic, gas and constipation. It can also relax the muscles and therefore ease the muscle spasm that digestive problems can bring with them. For premature babies, it has been shown that massage can help speed up their weight gain dramatically. Massage Therapy stimulates blood flow, which is another benefit for babies, especially for those who have poor blood circulation and may have cold hands and feet. Of course massaging a baby can be a benefit to the massage provider as well. It can provide bonding time, and since babies tend to enjoy getting a massage quite a lot, they normally smile and look like they’re having fun, which is great for a parent to see. At Caring Touch Massage Therapy clinic in North York, we offer private Infant Massage Lessons. The price will be the same as any massage therapy treatment and will depend on the length of time of the lesson (see Prices).

Children these days spend a lot of time sitting, for school, video games and TV, and not a lot of time playing outdoors, running and moving around. Because kids are living a more sedentary lifestyle, they tend to have sore and tense muscles just like adults do. Since this is the case, regular massage therapy treatments can be very helpful.

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