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Relaxed Muscles: A Key To A Pain Free Life
Trigger Point Massage Treatment

Trigger Points, which are usually referred to as knots by most people, are said to be a point in the muscle that is still contracted while the rest of the muscle may or may not be relaxed. Trigger points can radiate pain in a specific pattern, or may only be felt locally. Some may cause pain only when touched or compressed, these are called latent trigger points and they can remain in a muscle for years without causing pain until they become active. Sometimes, all it takes is just one fast move or a combination of a stressful day with bad posture, for a trigger point to become active and start causing pain. Most of the time, when one trigger point or knot is found, there can be others in the same muscle or other muscles nearby. This is because trigger points tend to weaken or shorten the muscle forcing other muscles to try and compensate, therefore developing more trigger points.

Trigger points in the muscles of the neck and shoulders can radiate into the arms and wrists and maybe confused with carpal tunnel and other conditions. These can also radiate into the head and cause headaches such as tension headaches, which are known to be caused by tense muscles. There is also a condition due to trigger points called Torticollis, which is a shortening or spasm of neck muscles on one side of the neck, resulting in stiffening of the neck in an abnormal position. This can be caused by latent trigger points becoming active, as a result of falling asleep in an awkward position, a cold breeze blowing on the neck or holding a telephone to one ear with the shoulder. Trigger points in the gluteals or buttocks muscles, such as the Piriformis, can cause pain radiating down the leg, or up into the low back.

At Caring Touch Massage Therapy Clinic, there are several treatments for Trigger Points which are used by our Registered Massage Therapist, depending on the location and the severity of the pain. One form of Trigger Point Treatment is with ischemic compression, where the therapist presses on the point itself causing it to release, followed by heat and stretch. Another treatment is using a Swedish Massage technique called stripping, to go over the same area over and over again until the pain eases. While these treatments can be very effective, it may take several consecutive treatments a few days to a few weeks apart, for best results.

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