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Relaxed Muscles: A Key To A Pain Free Life
Pregnancy Massage Prenatal Massage

When a woman is Pregnant, getting a massage is a good way to reduce stress, pregnancy and labour pain. Studies have shown that Pregnancy Massage can improve the woman’s mood, ease pain, decrease depression and anxiety and reduce the risk of complications.

Massage Therapists learn how to treat pregnant women as part of their program in school, but some proceed to take specific courses as well. The Massage Therapist at Caring Touch Massage Therapy (Thornhill), Dganit Anteby, RMT, has taken an additional pregnancy course at Trimesters Massage Therapy Education in Toronto and is Certified in pregnancy massage. Part of her training was in Women’s College Hospital where she treated women who were in a high risk pregnancy and had to be in bed rest for the rest of their pregnancy. She also treated women going through labour, and those who had already given birth.

At the clinic we use the Body Cushion, which is a body support system and allows a pregnant woman to be able to lie on her stomach, for the entire pregnancy. We can also place the pregnant woman in a side-lying, semi-seated, or seated position, which are positions where her head, neck, shoulders as well as back can be treated comfortably. As long as the stomach is supported and the woman is comfortable either position is safe.

Some women would love to have their partner be able to give them a massage while they are pregnant to soothe their ongoing aches and pain. Our Registered Massage Therapist can teach the pregnant woman and her partner some techniques that will be helpful for her throughout the pregnancy. The price will be the same as any massage therapy treatment and will depend on the length of time of the lesson (see Prices).

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